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Tactical online soccer strategy game

Download TableTop Soccer for iOS! Download TableTop Soccer for iOS!
Download TableTop Soccer for iOS! Download TableTop Soccer for iOS!
A diamond of a game !!! Well designed and thought out turned based football game. The turn based strategy works incredibly well. Footy71
Create a team, customize your players, develop skills & unlock abilities

A fun take on realtime strategy that blends well with the beautiful game. TukTukTheGreat

I have longed for a good tactical turn based football game, and this is that very thing. periurban

As a football fan who enjoys turn based strategy games I love this game. It's simple enough to be accessible and involving enough to be enjoyable, Doctor A-dooom

Single/Multiplayer Games
Play Live or play over a few days
This game will keep you in your toes - enjoy solo or take on your mates. Love it!!!! CursesSailor

Play games against your friends or other players either in quick real-time games, or over a few days by sending turns back and forth.

Earn upgrade points by playing games and intimidate your opponents by showing off your superior team and tactics!

Fun and challenging game! Gamer98133

I love this game ... Best money/fun factor ratio eM3LXXVI

Outmaneuver your opponent with trick shots and superior strategy, or get beaten and suffer the humiliation of defeat...

Watch replays of full games - your own games and those of other players, to learn new tricks and tips

Climb the leaderboards and level up your team from Novice to Master;

Nicely designed game that's fun - and tough to put down - but you can when you need to because the games aren't too long. Prepare to be hooked! Bamber77

100% Genuine Cross Platform
Start a game from your phone, finish on your desktop
  • Android, iOS, Steam - All play together!
  • You can link your account to multiple devices - Start games on your phone, continue later on Steam/Tablet (or vice versa)
  • Notifications on your Android/iOS Phone and via Steam
Mixing soccer with turn based tactic is quite innovative, and this game do it well.
There is also some kind of RPG evolution of the team while you play, giving points to players to change their stats. pdepmcp
Addictive and easy to get into even for a non footy fan. Ollyno1
Great game for the value, good fun and kids will also be able to pick up this game and play with you too. m.rowe91

By far the best game my son has ever created! I'm so proud! Developers Mum

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