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  • Tactical, turn-based soccer strategy cross platform game;
  • Not your typical football/soccer game - 100% focus on strategy and tactics;
  • Simultaneous turn based gameplay - players must complete their turn before the timer runs out;
  • Play Single/Multi Player quick live games or play resumable games over a few days;
  • Available for iOS, Android, Steam (Mac/PC/Linux);
  • Link your devices and start games from your desktop, continue later on the phone (or vice versa);
  • Cross Platform - All platforms play on the same servers;
  • 3 Male & 3 Female character models to build a custom team from;
  • Customize each player by upgrading skills and unlocking abilities;
  • Earn points playing games, winning games and scoring goals;
  • Surprise your opponent using boosts like Lob kick, Slide Tackle, Combo Kick, Delay Player and more;
  • Start each round with limited number of boosts, collect additional boosts via random powerups on the pitch;
  • Solo Indy Dev;

TableTop Soccer

Available for iOS, Android & Steam (Mac/PC/Linux)

TableTop Soccer Lite

Available for iOS & Android
Free download, contains Ads

Full Description
TableTop Soccer is a tactical, turn-based, online multiplayer/single player, strategy game. With a heavy focus on strategy & tactics, play solo games, challenge friends, or players all over the world. Play live games or play resumable chess style games over a few days to perfect and execute your plan. Earn experience points scoring goals & winning games to level up your players, unlock abilities and customize your team to try to take the top spot on the Leaderboards.

You'll need to think fast and plan ahead to anticipate your opponent, react quickly and not succumb to pressure to crush your opponents' dreams and bring your team to victory.

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About & Contact

TableTop Soccer is an indy game made by a solo dev, Joe O'Kane. TTS is built in Unity3D, using a Java server backend.

You can contact Joe here: admin@dancingdevs.com