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Tactical Turn Based Soccer Strategy

TableTop Soccer is a tactical, turn-based, online multiplayer/single player, cross-platform strategy game. With a heavy focus on strategy & tactics, play solo games, challenge friends, or players all over the world. Play live games or play resumable games over a few days to perfect your plan. Earn experience points scoring goals & winning games to level up your players and customize your team to try to take the top spot on the Leaderboards.

You'll need to think fast and plan ahead to anticipate your opponent, react quickly and not succumb to pressure to crush your opponents' dreams and bring your team to victory.

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InGame Replay:

Game Features

  • Compete online with players all over the world in live games;
  • Challenge Friends to play online games;
  • Play quick Live games, or play Resumable games over a few days – getting Steam In Game Notifications whenever it's your turn;
  • Practice your technique against the AI Team “Evil Machines”;
  • Simultaneous Turns - In live games, both players take their turn at the same time - make your moves before the timer runs out!

  • Earn points by winning games and scoring goals to upgrade the skills of your players to make the perfect team that matches your play style;
  • Watch Replays of full games - your own games and those of other players, to learn new tricks and tips;
  • Climb the Leaderboards and level up your team from Novice to Master;
  • True Cross-Platform Multiplayer - All platforms play on the same servers;
  • Link your account to your mobile device and take games to go! Play from your PC, then continue playing the same game on your mobile device whenever you want;

Boosts Explained:

InGame Tutorial:

  • Get Mobile notifications when any Resumable game is ready for you to jump in;
  • iPhone/iPad App is available now, Android/WP version coming soon;
  • 6 Steam Trading Cards To Collect;
  • 20 new Steam Achievements to earn;

Turn friends into enemies!

Play games against your friends or other players either in quick real-time games, or over a few days by sending turns back and forth.

Earn points by playing games and intimidate your opponents by showing off your superior team and tactics!

Outmaneuver your opponent with trick shots and superior strategy, or get beaten and suffer the humiliation of defeat...

True Cross Platform - one account, multiple devices

Not only do all players, Mobile or Steam, play together on the same servers, but you can link the Mobile App to your Steam Game - and take games to go!
Start a game on your Desktop/Laptop, and resume it up later from your mobile device. Get notications on your mobile device and Steam whenever a game is ready for you.

Don't have an iPhone/iPad? TableTop Soccer will be coming to Android soon!

Why Soccer And Not Football?!

We know.. Please forgive us. But, the short version is we were able to get this domain, and that made the decision for us. It this game ever generates any money, we might consider buying both names and changing the name in different countries. You could help by downloading it, and coercing all your friends to play too

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